Weight Loss

 Take control: WEIGHT LOSS



Gyms can feel scary. Kitchens even scarier.

How would it be if you could simply ‘forget’ to eat junk? Does your mind give up before your body does? How would it be to feel motivated every time you go to the gym or go on that run you keep putting off until tomorrow? How about getting rid of that lurking feeling everyone is watching you so you can just focus on getting done what you need to do, for you?

Let’s talk a little more though… Does this sound familiar?

You are doing well, diet is on point, fitness level increasing, feeling on top of your game. Unexpected life comes in and gives you a bad day so you decide a wee treat to make you feel better is ok. You have unwittingly hit the f*ck it button and before you know it you’re back in that seemingly unbreakable cycle of binge eating,  starving and self loathing – perhaps even hiding your consumption from loved ones, becoming isolated until you reach breaking point. Guilt, shame and remorse replace the confidence and sense of achievement you were starting to build and the thoughts of ‘why am I like this?’ and ‘why can’t I stop?’ dominate your mind…

Well, I am here to tell you it is not your fault. Welcome to your subconscious – the innocent party loving toddler running the show of your mind, making you do all kinds of bizarre things your more reserved, adult, conscious mind wishes it could stop. It’s the same part of your brain that controls all addictions and every addiction cycle (no-matter the vice) starts with ‘I’ll just have one’. The problem with food addiction though is there is no way of going cold turkey.

In order to change these bizarre, harmful behaviours we need to have a word with your subconscious and gently ask it to find a better way to make you feel at ease.

That’s where Dominant Mindset Coaching comes in. With the Dominant Mindset Method we have a variety of tools on hand to get you back on track for good.