I’m Andrea! (Gads, it feels good to say that!)

I used to be Megara Furie and although most of my skeletons are on the internet, this is the raw story of how I became Andrea again… (Deep breath and…)

See if you died tomorrow, how do you think you’d be remembered?”
I poured myself another jack & coke and pondered this profound question my equally drunk friend had meant as a throwaway, haha topic.
“A frustrated, sad, angry Dominatrix who closed herself off from life. Once a high achieving, confident woman – she wanted it all, got it all and threw it all away… over and over again. Eternally unsatisfied, unfulfilled and eventually, unwilling to try.” Then I passed out having successfully drank myself into oblivion again.
This one chat was to one day kickstart an incredible 3 year mission to turn my life around. To be remembered as someone who made a difference, who mattered and who put something good into the world.
But not yet. I hadn’t had enough of being miserable and angry at the world.
The problem was, 6 years earlier, on a dreary day in March 2012 I had gone to bed a straight A geology student destined for HUGE things and woken up to the news my ex husband had committed suicide and with him died my promising university career, my confidence and my hope.
My life had spiralled out of control for the following 6 years and although I was holding it together on the face of it, I always felt like a fraud.
I was ‘getting through’ days and I was tired. I didn’t want to be here any more, but I wasn’t brave enough to kill myself OR change my circumstances so I lived in this weird limbo of kinda wanting to be alive but not like “this”.
In my search for confidence and happiness I’d redecorated my house 7 times, moved country 3 times, burned through countless boyfriends and friend groups, got the fancy things and fancy car each time thinking that would be ‘the thing’ but it never was.
The final turning point was 27th August, 2018 – I was drunk and silent crying behind huge sunglasses as I made my way through Edinburgh during the fringe. (Ironically, I was there to see as many comedy shows as I could.)
I walked past a bridge on a busy street & a thought came in:
“I wonder what would hurt less… in front of that bus or over that bridge?”
Easy as that. Like even my own brain was done with me. Challenging me to take a sh*t or get off the pot. I sobered up in an instant.
And then, that legacy question came back in & another thought replaced the challenge to end it all – “I can’t jump – I haven’t done enough yet!”
That pint in Edinburgh was my last drink. Hungover, the next day, I made a commitment to myself that if I was going to live I needed to figure out how to get back to pre-suicide-of-the-ex-confident-happy-Andrea.
I sought help, studied everything I could and hired coaches to help me break through the emotional, mental and spiritual barriers I couldn’t even see.
Since then I’ve helped countless people break through theirs and create freedom, happiness and confidence like they’ve never known.
I realised I needed these things:
1. Get Clear
Peace instead of chaos
2. Be Strong not hard
Strength instead of this hard (but fragile) outer shell
3. Develop Unshakeable Belief
Do the things that scare me
4. Bulletproof Identity
Find out who I am and turn it up to 11 so I can stop people pleasing and feeling like a fraud
5. Fill my boots
Start actively participating in my own success
6. Limitless Vision
Start seeing my life, the world and other people as things I want to be part of not shut out
I wanted to share these insights with the world so I created The Complete Confidence Journey. My signature program that combines everything I’ve spent 30 years learning into a fraction of that so you can experience real freedom and complete confidence in your life too.
I hope this serves as some inspiration.
Thank you for reading, it means a lot to me that you did x
One favour to ask before you go…
Ask yourself, what could you do in you work/love/personal life with more confidence and if YOU were to die tomorrow – what legacy would you leave?
Andrea x